John's Confident Bio
John Darr

John Darr: “You’ll notice I’m bald. And I usually have a beard. I’m high energy, an ‘idea guy,’ and very passionate about my clients and their goals. I have a great smile and I love to cook. I love life.”

As a consultant, award-winning and nationally published journalist, media relations guru and communication strategist, John Darr has helped nearly a hundred companies and non-profit organizations move the needle. He cut his teeth working in ESPN’s communication department in Bristol, CT. John harnessed his creativity at an award-winning PR firm in Chicago. He created a communication department from scratch for the Better Business Bureau in Cincinnati. He managed the United Way of Southern Kentucky’s media message during Hurricane Katrina relief. He was communication consultant to more than 50 ResCare-owned companies across seven states with combined revenues exceeding $100M. He was also ResCare’s media expert on staff, pitching, analyzing and reporting to Leadership on their international presence.

Some clients have arrived at John Darr Public Relations battered and beaten down from years of spending money and getting nothing. We restore their optimism. Our energy and excitement for your mission, products and goals will be contagious.

You don’t want a campaign. You want your phone to ring. You want your story to be told and be heard. You want someone who believes in you as strongly as you do. You want John Darr Public Relations.